WW01Born in 1961 a south Georgia boy. John Dollar was always drawing pictures of adventurous characters and creatures as far back as he can remember. His work was well received from when he was using crayons all the way up until he mastered the pen and ink and begin his creative work in the gaming industry.

As and adult, John proudly served the Army corp of Engineers as a graphic illustrator (1983-1989). There, as a soldier, he prepared maps, blueprinting construction plans, type and illustrations for publication for newspaper, books, manuals, and command briefings.

After a many years, he was awarded a very honorable discharge and given lots of money to finish art school.

After graduation from the art institute, earning a degree in illustration and advertising, John began to work as an artist freelance with various RPG game publishers, as well as fantasy books, like the recently published “Shadowhunters Codex” by Simon & Schuster .

Starting with TSR, John produced illustrations for Ravenloft, Birthright, Dark Sun, Planescape and a few others. With FASA games, he worked with designers on Earthdawn, Star Wars, and just recently Tales of the Emerald Serpent. John has worked with a great many game designers since 1994: White Wolf, West End Games, and Larry Elmore’s Sovereign Stone to name a few others.

Although John does work in fantasy publishing and children’s education books, he loves drawing and conceptualizing for the RPG game designers most!

John lives in Florida and works with his wonderful and lovely wife Brenda. Their studio is the Fantasy Workshop Inc.